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We provide a low cost service for those seeking tenant checks, business checks and we also provide a fast track & trace service on a simple pay as you go basis.

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About Creditsure

About Creditsure

Creditsure began life in 2005 as a new innovative Credit Reference Agency providing the UK’s first highly cost effective service without having to enter into annual agreements or paying annual fees. We perform Credit Checks on behalf of our clients, gathering up to date information and data to ensure the reports we provide are accurate and effective so our clients can make well informed decisions before providing credit facilities or entering into any form of legal binding agreements.

We are market leaders in our own unique field of Pay As You Go Credit Checking, serving thousands of Businesses and individuals across the UK and even the EU. Our services are proven to be quick, effective and cheap, designed to service your requirements for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Such has been the demand for our services that in 2008, Creditsure expanded its operations and moved into larger premises in semi rural West Lancashire. Investment in up to date systems and developing new partnerships with third party data gatherers has seen the demand grow even further for our services.

Our Credit Checking services cater for all types of Business whether it be a Landlord wishing to pre screen a prospective new Tenant or a Large Electrical Wholesalers wishing to credit check a new Account Holder, Creditsure have the answer, enabling you to risk manage all your customers thus preventing any unforeseen financial landmines. Our unique Pay as You Go service is perfect for infrequent users and also bulk users who enjoy the benefit of our various heavily discounted Credits Packages.

In addition to our renowned Business Credit Check service & our Tenant Checking service, we launched our exclusive Track and Trace Service which offers users a ‘No Trace – No Fee’ service. Such has been our reputation for delivering superb results for Credit Checks, we now have a growing client base for this impressive low cost tracing facility that delivers results fast and all for a minimal price. Recent new clients include an International Law Firm and one of the UK’s leading Debt Collection Agencies.

We are currently sole suppliers to the UK Debt Recovery Bureau & are members of the British Chambers of Commerce.

So for peace of mind before you give credit or seek to trace somebody, be sure, be Creditsure.

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